Melco brings together the key players and purchasing managers of the IT retail channel.  These high level professionals are personally invited to participate as Hosted Buyers.

The organization manages the travel and accommodation of these hosted buyers that are able to attend the event for two  days. In order to enable these buyers to obtain the best possible return from their participation in Melco, the organization manages an agenda of pre-scheduled meetings according to the participants’ preferences

Professional Visitors

If you are interested in visiting Melco as a professional visitor, please get in touch with us.

We would like to remind you that you must obtain your pass in advance and verify that your company sells to the end user. Melco is and exclusive business club, therefore no-one is able to access the event without a pass issued directly by the organization.

IAt Melco all those professionals who manage or have responsibility for purchase from computer retailers, consumer electronics and telephony can also access the exhibition area. If you are interested in visiting Melco as buyer premium, remember that you must register in advance and prove that your company sells to the final consumer.

We remind you that Melco is a business club retail channel and no one has access unless they are accredited personnel directly handled by the organization. For any questions, please contact Customer Service or visit Melco Premium section of this website buyer.

For more information, contact:

Núria Galí

+34 93 368 85 06


The invitation for hosted buyers includes travel, accommodation, breakfast in a 4* hotel, and daily lunches in the MELCO restaurant.

Travel to Zaragoza

We organize your complementary trip to Zaragoza, and daily transfers to and from the event.


Your invitation includes free accommodation in a 4* hotel.


Breakfast in your hotel and daily lunches at the event restaurant, all paid by the Organization.

Online Agenda Service

The Online agenda service creates an agenda of meetings for you according to the companies that you choose to meet with. Simply access the platform and select the businesses you would like to meet. Your agenda will then be generated automatically.

Online Catalogue

All of the information you need regarding exhibitors, their products, services and news is displayed in the exhibitor list, Official catalogue at the event. This means you have all the information you need in order to help you with the decisions you make during your meetings at the event.