Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza 

The Palacio de Congresos Expo Zaragoza was built on the occasion of the celebration of the International Exhibition EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008.

Build with an emblematic architectural design that stands out for its uniqueness and amazed by its size as a length of 167m and its maximum height is 34m, occupying over 22,000 sqm.

It consists of three distinct parts, exhibition area, lobby and meeting rooms and auditorium, with capacity for 1,400 seats.

The 20m of height, 20m of height, specular and majestic, totally luminous hall stands out, since its position allows the entrance of natural light both by the doors of access to the palace and by the ceilings of pointed forms that give a special character to the building.

Located outside the Ebro River, it offers ample opportunities for leisure such as a thermal center, whitewater channel, pitch & putt, four and five star hotels, premium cuisine, business incubators, etc.

We cannot forget the proximity to the Basilica del Pilar that links you to the city center, where we also find remains of Roman ruins and other monuments of the city.