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Commercial notebook sales grow amidst falling PC sales in early Q1 2017

London, 22nd March 2017 Volume sales of PCs (desktops, notebooks and workstations) through Western Europe’s largest distributors continued to be affected by a soft consumer performance and weak business desktop sales in early Q1 2017 even though sales of commercial notebooks continued to grow, according to latest data published by CONTEXT, the European IT market research company.

The number of consumer-targeted PCs sold through distributors was down by -5% year-on-year in the first two months of 2017, contributing to an overall drop of -4% in consolidated PC sales during the period. Sales of consumer notebooks were down by -3% and those of consumer desktops by -14% as demand for the category remained weak.

Commercial PC sales were also down overall but the Notebook category continued to grow. Consolidated PC sales in the business segment dropped by -3% year-on-year in early Q1 2017 with commercial desktops experiencing a -13% decline while notebook sales increased by +3%.

As expected, more businesses are adopting Windows 10. In February 2017, 62% of all Windows Business PCs sold through Western European distributors were based on Windows 10 Pro compared to 57% in January and 48% in December last year.

“Business Notebooks have seen growth for quite a few quarters across distribution, driven by solid demand for high-end, innovative systems and the rising transition to Windows 10”, said Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at CONTEXT. “The commercial Desktop segment however, remained soft in early Q117 and while we continued to see growth in some sub-segments, such as Mini PCs, the category posted a strong decline overall.”

Country split
Year-on-year PC volume (all PCs) growth by country, early Q1 2017 (January+February):
Germany 3.8%
United Kingdom -10.9%
Italy -13.0%
France -1.9%
Spain -6.1%
Netherlands -5.0%
Switzerland 2.0%
Sweden -3.6%
Austria -3.9%

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