Knowing the reality of the market is an essential step in order to perform a good analysis before making decisions.

With the aim of providing the latest data on the evolution of the Consumer Electronics sector in the Retail Channel, Aude Business Events organizes a session in which the two most important international consultants in the sector will participate.


9:30h Delivery of accreditations and documentation




10h Connectivity as a driving force for change in consumption habits


Based on various methodologies, GfK will analyze both consolidated technology markets and small niches with strong growth, with connectivity as a common denominator.

The combination of the Point of Sale (Retail and Reseller) and Wholesalers Panel will allow us to know in depth the keys to the value chain. The “Consumer Climate” study that shows consumers’ feelings and perspectives at European level and the differences between countries. With “Consumer Wallet” we can provide information on the actual financial expenditure of consumers. The report “Retail in Europe”, gives us a vision of the evolution of the number and type of establishments in our continent, …

With all this, GfK tries to clarify with data and examples, a situation of constant change in behaviors of markets, consumers and way of sale.

Speaker: Elena Toribio

11h Virtual Reality: Knowledge, interest and motivations of consumers in Europe and SpainCONTEXT logo 100 px x 100 px

We will talk about the latest CONTEXT study on Virtual Reality, in collaboration with the VR Research Group, formed by such prestigious companies as AMD, Oculus, John Lewis, Exertis, Dell, RetailWeek, Attensi, University of Reading and Ukie. The study is the result of the survey of more than 2,500 consumers in Europe with the aim of knowing what level of knowledge, interest and motivation do the players and public have about Virtual reality.

Speaker: Elena Montañes


12h Break Networking


12: 30h The Next Marketing Changes Everythingbaixa

Ideas, reflections and examples that will transform the sale of Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Computing and Technology.

Speaker: Pablo Foncillas

13.15h Closing

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