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Channel Predictions 2018: The effect of price transparency & other trends

As part of our Channel Predictions, CONTEXT interviewed senior executives across the Channel globally, to give their predictions for this year. Today’s is by Alessandro Cattani, CEO of Esprinet and by Mariano Gordinho, Head of the Abradisti distributor association.

The effect of price transparency
by Alessandro Cattani, CEO of Esprinet
Hypertransparency” in pricing and product specifications brought by the widespread availability of internet and of e-commerce sites will push vendors, distributors, resellers and retailers to consolidate in search of economies of scale and to innovate in search of new sources of value by means of differentiation. But both consolidation and innovation will end up in fewer and fewer “hyperwinners” and more and more barely surviving (or not surviving at all) companies. 2018 and beyond will be a stepping stone in the process of converting physical mobility (cars, motorbikes, bikes etc.) into a new IT platform as we witnessed in the past with our office desks, with our sitting rooms at home and lately with our pockets now full of smartphones.

In a world in which change and adaptation are key for survival and physical mobility is a new frontier for the IT industry, after one year and a half of problems with a tendinitis I will get back to running: you gotta be fit.


Defining trends of the IT industry
by Mariano Gordinho, head of the Abradisti distributor association
2018 will continue to consolidate the trends that have been redefining the shape of the IT industry. Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Software Defined Networks, cyber security, the increasingly intensive use of smartphones as “the device” for mobile computing, will be mandatory items on the agenda of the IT Teams and corporate decision makers.

I believe that due to the technological complexity that all these trends are putting together, cyber security should become the most relevant issue among all.

My resolution for the New Year is based on an interesting story with a friend. We were having lunch and there was a very expensive wine on the wine list. When the waiter asked my friend if we wanted the wine he said “put the corkscrew in!”. After we had a good laugh, he told me about another fried who had a beautiful cellar, but who died before drinking the wines. It was clear that this story seemed to be a good decision for life. Do not leave anything for tomorrow. There may not be a tomorrow. So my resolution for 2018 is “pop the cork” not only in our IT industry but in life in general.

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