How is MELCO Organized?

Melco is far removed from the traditional format of a trade show and is structured as a professional business club, where during 2 days and through a meetings manager platform, suppliers that participate as exhibitors meet with buyers selected and invited by the organization. This format creates a strictly professional environment focused on business and designed for each participant to gain a return on their participation. Melco is designed to facilitate the meeting and creation of business opportunities between suppliers and their retail channel, always with the objective of generating concrete results for all participants.

An Exclusive Business Club

During these two days, suppliers of new technologies are able to have back to back work meetings with the most important buyers of their channel The event creates a conducive work environment with a pre-organized timetable through our exclusive meetings manager program.  An environment totally directed towards business and 100% directed towards obtaining results.

…Also an event open to the rest of the Retail Channel

Following the success of the last edition and in order to facilitate the participation of a larger number of retailers, the event will allow access throughout the celebration of the event to all retailers who are invited by the exhibiting companies. This action will subsequently be monitored by the organizers, who ensure that attendees profiles meet the interests of the event.

How does the Meeting Management tool work?

Melco offers an automatic meeting planner system to all participants, so that they can arrive at the event with a series of pre-organized meetings already arranged by the organization.  The objective of this service is to enable all participants to optimise their time spent at the event, while being able to prepare and assess their ROI in advance through knowing with whom they are going to meet. The process takes place in the weeks leading up to the event and takes the following steps:

  1. Firstly, the exhibitors select those Hosted Buyers with whom they are interested in holding a meeting.
  2. Then, the Hosted Buyers confirm the requests that are of their interest, and also propose new meetings with other exhibitors that may interest them.
  3. When all of the requests have been stored in the system, a program generates totally randomly the meetings agendas for participants, with the only rule to prioritise, when possible, meetings between exhibitors and buyers that are reciprocally requested.
  4. Finally, each assistant can access their agenda in the week leading up to the event.

The whole process for this is carried out through an online application which participants access privately. Personal login details will be sent to exhibitors and Hosted Buyers upon written confirmation of participation.